Tuesday, 15 March 2011

15th of March

Sorry for the lack of updates, just not really had anything interesting to post, but now i do. Aint that nifty :D

So here are some character silhouettes and progress on them, the first colour one didn't really work, it ended up looking very stiff, the second one worked out much better.

So me and my partner are hoping to get a dog later this year and we have about settled on a greyhound (or similar) type dog for many reasons and as we are fairly sure we don't want a puppy we've been half browsing rescue sites and such. Anyway I got the chance to meet to gorgeous greyhounds Ellie (white) and Milo (Black) and take them for a little walk. They were so calm and well mannered, no jumping or barking even when we walked in and their food was being prepared and then they just slept and accepted petting.

So here they are:

Then i found a new pencil photoshop brush which i do rather like, I needed to tweak it a little but now i love it. I found it here 50 free PS Brushes

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