Monday, 7 March 2011

7th March 2011

Lots of updates for you today, I had a nice quiet weekend was good to get some lie ins after the crazyness of last week/end. Though Sunday morning Sophie decided to barf all over my blanket, then all over my boyfriend. She seemed proud of herself and even tweeted about it.

So back to the art, another batch of Espers have been released, I finally managed to get a gander at the game on my sisters iphone and was all \o/ I DID THAT! AND THAT! And got far too excited, but its awesome to see stuff I created in a game that people are playing.

Did some more landscape studies too, its been a little while but it was a nice change to go back to a more concepty loose way of working.
First one was based on this image

Did some pixel art too, I've always loved little icons and figured I might as well have a go at it getting the anti analising right is tricksy though.

AND, not i'm not finished. The latest Knight Vision Games cover has been finished and released so here it is:

Then last but not least i've done a little more on Bambi's Revenge, he is looking pretty scary now.

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