Pet Caricatures: more examples

Pet Caricatures available for commission. 

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Examples below, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions at my email address:



Coloured Example

Coloured Example

Coloured Example

 Coloured Example
 Coloured Example

 Payment must be received before art begins, these pictures do not include sketch for pre-approval or a background.
Images are black and white only, darker markings will be done in grey at artists discretion. Colour and shading is available on request for an extra fee.

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  1. Hiya!! I've just received my doggy caricatures today and i am SO happy with them! Can't wait to get them up on my wall! You've captured their personalities (along with their looks) perfectly!!! One genuinely happy customer over here! If you want to see the piccies in action go to ...
    =D x