Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Felt oddly less productive than yesterday, though I did art. Maybe its because I don't like it as much as the landscape from yesterday or maybe because I've been revising for my driving theory test and i'm worried because I dont test well generally and i find the way they phrase the questions excruciatingly convoluted some of which are accompanied by terrible photos which just make things more difficult for me because i'm a visual person. I know I struggle with text based tests and at £30 a time its kinda like I cant afford to take it more than once. Bleh.

But on to the art, first did a city landscape study since I really need to do more industrial stuff rather than organic as I cant avoid it forever, i'm not entirely happy with the outcome but I learned things so next time I will do a better one.

Did some gesture studies today using this Gesture Drawing tool which i've replaced posemaniacs with and i'm glad for it, its much easier to draw real people than computer generated bodies.

Had a go at doing an original character without a reference and he looks abit girly I think, but practice makes perfect.

Then I did some of the newest Drawing Jams 'Dude WTF' i've half settled on a snake and butterfly hybrid creature which I was having fun with but i might change my mind though I quite like the the thumbnails I came up with

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