Thursday, 6 January 2011

Thursday 6th January 2011

Really need to start thinking of some better titles than the date but updating this every day might get a little difficult to think of good names but I suppose including the date means at least its easier to keep track of. Had an ok morning though there was a lot of reading and writing emails about some new freelance work which seemed to eat up the morning though the project looks really exciting and I hope all goes well. I also did some work on another job which is progressing well.

Actual artwise it didn't feel like I did much though i got some studies and more work on the drawing jam done, picked one of my thumbnails and took it to the next level before doing some studies then coughing (have still got this dratted cold) and feeling really dizzy and sick and have been feeling a little odd ever since so that put a halt to stuff, hope i'm not coming down with anything else because that would be crappy.


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