Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Felt like a productive day today though I haven't cleared up properly after the new years shindig in which the living room was turned into a mini LAN with four laptops, and three desktop pc's on the go and more boys than we have seats for playing StarCraft 2. I sat in the corner and re completed Portal. I love that game. Anyway back to the art, I failed to complete my winter dragon drawing jam entry in time for the deadline having been struck down by a cold last Wednesday and with the new years visitors was somewhat unable to get any serious drawing done. Anyway feel I made up for it today, got up early (back into time table routine) and got some commission work done. Doing the text for a shield type logo and really quiet enjoying it, I expect you will see it when its all finished and approved and whatnot.

Then I did some creature studies -

Then the picture of today I'm really proud of, it actually looks like landscape concept art I think :D

And just did this one this evening conceptart for the Holy City in a rp i'm part of

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