Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Wednesday 15/12

Felt a little less productive today but at least my hand isnt dropping off, had some extra stuff to do as well so didn't spend the whole day drawing. Had the bi-weekly hour of moderator stuff to sort out on CGHub. I run the 2D drawing Jams so have to put up winners and polls and new threads and close old rounds etc but I enjoy it plus i get an lil badge next to my name :D Shameless plug - JOIN 2D Drawing Jams! Improve your art and have fun at the same time HERE Ok I'm done.

Oh and I finished updating the art on my website though I still need to mess around with the background and header and stuff to tie it all together but at least I have a website now. I am pleased.

First I did my landscape studies again, I'm really enjoying doing these more than I thought i would since i didn't really enjoy doing backgrounds before but having a photo as reference gives me a little bit of a basis then I can add my own elements as it were and make it my own rather than studiously coping the photo. Its helping with m light and composition so i'm pleased. I used a reference photo for the first one then did the second one on my own, its not perfect but I ran over my 2 hour slot so had to stop.

Next I did some of the New worlds challenge on cghub which is to draw an environment based on the SC2 Protoss Planet Aiur. Now I haven't played StarCraft2 yet despite having a key for the demo. I kinda want to play but I cant afford the game and I'm happy with TF2 and if its addictive as my boyfriend has made it out to be then I would never get anything else done. Plus I suck at tactics Command and Conquer taught me that. So here is what I have so far, the planet is supposed to be heavily jungled so I went with GIANT TREES to make it more alien i guess having failed at finding any worth while references of the game environment itself. I'm struggling to really show the scale of the place, I'm kinda hoping inspiration will strike me tomorrow but I have the composition to fix first but its not bad I dont think for a first proper environmental try.

And last but not least for today just a little still life study from real life! :o I know. Madness right. I need to figure out a way to put stuff a little nearer to me so i can draw it 'not a hard thing' I hear you say. Well I don't have a desk...heres a picture or two. Cept I have 2 monitors and a bigger main monitor so I cant see barely any of the table behind me. It's not *always* that messy but I do like to kinda nest in mess and I know where everything is, its when I tidy up the problems start ^^; And that is my friend Morf. Hi Morf.

So yeh. Here is the still life study:

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