Thursday, 16 December 2010

Thursday 16/12

Mildly productive day today though my hand really started to ache early, wondering if I had overdone it. So I did some housework to give myself a break, hand is still a little bit off but at least the lounge looks tidy :D The Dungeon Delve challenge is over, you can see all the pieces here I'm not going to win but it was fun to enter.

Did some bird studies at first this morning partly because I have a commission involving ravens so having not drawn feathers since uni when I did that dratted eagle that took for FRIKKIN ever! Though I really enjoyed doing these studies, its a shame I didn't get to spend more time on the parrot but I feel they came out pretty well. Before I moved onto the commission, i'm not sure if I can post it yet - chances are you will get to see the finished version but its looking pretty cool at the moment.

I downloaded one of the Loomis books finally and wished I had done it before, its really useful though I didn't quite feel up to tackling a human (still got abit of a block there which i need to work through)

So instead I decided to work on the Illustrated challenge which is a Homage to Hayao Miyazaki who did Princess Mononoke, Howls Moving Castle and Spirited Away which are some of the best animated films and if you haven't seen them you should. Anyway i've loved the Tree Spirits or Kodama in Princess Mononoke since I saw it - even going to far as to get a little plushy one from asia with a little rattle in it. Its awesome! So how could I resist the chance to paint some, I was going to do like a little family scene thing with them but ended up with giant forest thing and fun lighting.

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