Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Tuesday 14/12

My hand hurts. I wonder if I havent put enough breaks/none drawing time into my time table or whether i just need to work my way into it and its the same kind of doing any kind of excersie that it hurts when you when you first start then you get used to it. Of course i've been drawing alot for ages just not with this intensity or for so long. 4 slots of 2 hours from 8-4 with a 20 minute break for lunch. Maybe I should add an hour for 'lunch' and do some housework or yoga in the other 40 minutes just to give my hand a rest. *ponders*

Anyway todays studies, did some cats of various sizes and shapes. Not all that happy with them to be honest think i could have done better but i was pretty tired this morning for some reason and after struggling with the one with its mouth open i wasnt feeling very cat friendly. Plus Sophie (the resident cat) has been ignoring me all day.

So then once i had got past the cat rage I sat down to finish the Drawing Jam entry, i'm not entirely happy with it really the values are all out as well as something else bothering me but I cant put my finger on it and I still keep glancing at it and squinting and whatever it is, is still eluding me the deadline is today and as the moderator i shouldn't be late so its submitted and I'll have done with it. No point flogging a dead horse and all.

Person study time, the bit i dont really like doing and several times I was on the verge of rage quitting (dunno where the rage has come from today) but I persevered and what came out at the end looks ok I think. Doing the 'traced' red lines first to see the structure helped a fair bit when I was painting the study separately because I could then use both as reference to get the shape in rather than trying to paint something that was flat. I'm not sure that makes sense but it helped my brain. Reference Image

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