Friday, 10 December 2010

Studies 10/12

So I got up at 7:15 and allowed myself 45 minutes to wake up and have my coffee and go through my normal routine (though the downside of this is that if I put BBC Breakfast on I have to put up with the twit that replaced Declan for the finance news. At least Declan made if funny, this new guy just puts me back to sleep) Then as per my new time table I started my studies at 8am \o/

The Landscapes went pretty well I feel, I like them. I used some stock images for the desert and meadow then did the blue mountain one my head.

Also did more on my Drawing Jam, I'm not really feeling it. I like it but at the moment not enough to finish it. Something is nagging at me and I dont know what it is, maybe its too flat :/ Anyway here it is

Also had a go at the Environments Challenge New Worlds which is a StarCraft world and without actually playing the game because I know i suck at any kinda tactics that might actually win me a round I know a couple of people that play just a 'little' bit (you know who you are.) And so I doodled up a couple of thumbnails.

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