Thursday, 9 December 2010

It's ON ladies and gentlemen

And this time I have a plan. I have a timetable (check me out) and i'm going to stick to it dammit. I've had a bit of a roller-coaster ride recently between the elation of being published and getting some Christmas cards sold and struggling to find even a menial part time job just to get me out the house for a few hours and perhaps even do some exercise like activity (gasp!) I know I want to be an artist, I love drawing and creating and painting too much not to be. Its how i express myself however subtly in the pictures and I feel like I will burst if I dont draw something.

Anyway enough of my waffle and flapping about, here are some pictures ^^;

Firstly a little doodle of Aysel and Cydric, perhaps my two favourite original characters. For those of you that don't know Aysel is the demon, she can be nasty but is fairly cuddly when she wants to be - like a grumpy Rotweiler puppy with 4 times as many teeth and Cydric is the priest who was created by my friend Edriss (she has lovely arts :)) Who has somehow managed to befriend Aysel and they are pretty close when they arent trying to kill each other.

And just for good measure here is another one of Aysel. Was trying to make her a little more realistic and I think i'm slowly getting there she is a mixture of like eight animals its hard to decide what to reference.

And finally my entry to this weeks 2D Drawing Jams: Futuristic Medieval World Its good fun, I'm kinda going for a princess theme with the dragon falconry and I know the background needs to be a little more futuristic but I like the clouds.

Oh and i did this for Fusion the other day :D

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