Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Insta-noodles blog

So being here in Crewe on my own does not inspire me to cook, thus I am living on cuppa soup and insta-noodles so I will make a comparison of said insta-noodles:

Pot Noodles: They look tasty in the packet and seem like a good idea at the time. I tend to go with beef and tomato flavor. When you actually get round to eating them they aren't so tasty and copious amounts of ketchup are needed for vague satisfaction.


Micro-Noodles: These looked good when Trio was eating them at i39 during the pub quiz, so i decided to get some for myself. They made me depressed and were fairly tasteless (which isn't the worst thing when you are feeling slightly hungover.)


None pot noodles in a pot: (I cant remember who made these or their name so this will be updated soon) As of yet the best of the lot - I had Chinese spare rib flavor (suitable for vegetarians) and after adding the provided sauce actually enjoyed this as a meal to the point of scraping the las few morsels from the bottom of the pot.


Bacholars Super Noodles: Has these tonight, might have put too much water in as i only used half the packet because i couldn't face eating a whole one if it wasn't so nice, i am also fairly small. So. I had the Chow mein flavor which with watery sauce meant i was more or less eating just noodles which weren't too bad in that they were edible. More updates when i have eaten the rest of the packet hopefully with less watery sauce.


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