Sunday, 28 March 2010


Had a good week at work buses aside -

It's about a 3 mile journey directly, but because its fairly rural there is no direct bus, as such I have to get a bus into crewe, walk for 10 minutes then get another bus to work. While in the morning its not so bad because of the traffic around 4:30 it takes over an HOUR to get back home. Which is a big load of crap!

If I could walk that far at the moment I would walk it and it would probably be quicker, I still cant ride my bike either and the taxi's have like a minimum charge of £7 which is far too much for every trip. It's really annoying.

Had a good weekend though, saw my mum which was nice and then had a good few nights with friends. Went to two gay bars in blackpool which was a great night out. Was good fun though I would have liked to dance more but couldn't because it hurts. Then sat night parteh at a friends which was good also.

Can't wait to get to i39 this weekend though :D

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