Friday, 12 March 2010

Everything all at once

Why does everything always happen at once, though not that i'm complaining when it comes to work. I want to do so much but i'm still recovering from my operation and my endurance for drawing is still really reduced at the moment. I havent done anything for myself in several weeks which I feel a little bad about. Can't really count the doodles I did while I was in hospital but here they are anyway:

Two dragons looking at each other, was remarked that the left one looked a little like a friend with a hat when faced with someone of the opposite sex. Slightly scared and about to run for his life, i didn't mean it to be him but it rather fits. The nurses were pretty impressed with this picture but I guess most people don't draw in hospital.

Two really bad cannids :/

Moar dragons, the black one was done on the train on the way home one time.

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  1. LOL -- I still have two drawings in one of my old high school sketchbooks that I did back when I was in hospital for my own emergency appendectomy in 1979. :)

    Glad to read your recovery is going well!