Friday, 12 March 2010


Gave Sophie (the cat) some catnip today, it seems like fairly strong stuff. Some friends got me a catscratch tower for my birthday for her, it has a scratching post, dangle ball, small bridge/tunnel and an elevated sleeping area. If I was a cat I would think it was awesome. She had only used the post up until today. Sorry, I digress.

So I sprinkled some of the catnip on the bridge and on the sleeping bit and she totally spazzed out over it, rubbing it and pawing it and even getting on the elevated bed bit and rubbing round in circles and almost falling off, not to mention a fair amount of drool that seemed to accompany it. She loved it to bits.

Its funny to watch her now every time she goes up to have a scratch, which is fairly often. She gets a sniff of the catnip and spazzes again, she is so funny but clearly enjoying it.

Took the dressing off my appendicitis wound today, its weird actually seeing the stitches in my skin. They are rather neat it has to be said, might get boyfriend to take a photo of it tomorrow and I can track the healing with photos. Animated gif. for the w1n. That might be the WKD talking...

Played some TF2 and MW2 today also, enjoyed TF more than I have been doing in the past week, perhaps i must be getting better. I'm finding it a lot harder than MW2, which seems to be more luck than skill, its a lot more fast paced with less time to react which makes it much easier to die. At least in tf you have to hit someone more than once (crits aside) and for more than 2 seconds to kill them. Might do a pros and cons of both in a later entry. Bit sleepy now though.

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