Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Wednesday 22/12

Not much to report today, got a couple of things finished which I'm fairly proud of. Finished a commission of two birds which I really like and really enjoyed doing for some reason, I've not quite figured out why. Anyway its the two birds that were hit with one stone back from revenge for a t-shirt design. The t-shirt will be available soon I believe and will send you a link to it when I have one.

Finally finished my Star Craft 2 Protoss home world (Aiur) for the New Worlds challenge on CGHub, its not as polished as I would like but the deadline is today so what can you do? I struggled to get the sense of depth I would have like to really convey the scale of the jungle, wondering if the horizon was too high or if I was better to maybe do a portrait version of it.

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