Monday, 22 November 2010

Here are some art updates, i've had so much fun with this weeks creature planets - pokemon redesign so here are pictures i did for that

I really enjoyed doing them and feel like i'm finally settling into a style kinda thing that is just right between realism, concepart and a kinda cartoony style. Now its just a question of seeing if anyone likes it enough to want to pay me to do stuff this way.

I was worried they were going to miss too much out of the book and I think there were a few things they could have added so it made more sense for people that didn't know the book cover to cover. Like near the end when they were in the Malfoy's cellar and wormtail was sent to get Griphook - in the book he was supposed to confirm that the sword wasn't real but he was just kinda left standing there rendering the whole taking him out the cellar thing a little pointless. Never the less I was very pleased with it, especially the three brothers story animation the style was awesome.

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