Thursday, 11 March 2010


I've had blogs before, and honestly got rather bored of them.

But with a little free time on my hands while I recover from having my appendix out I may as well give it another try.

It was all a bit mad really, got stomach ache on Tuesday morning after cycling to work for the first time and just tried to shrug it off. Cycled back that evening by which time i was doubled over in pain. Still didn't know what it was tried taking pain killers which didn't work.

Ended up phoning NHS direct about 3/4am that morning who told me to call out the emergency doctor but i didn't want to wake up the couple that lived in the house - they got up about 6am anyway so i waited till then and they took me to the local gp at about 11 and he refereed me right to hospital. (All of this just outside Crewe where i'm working at the moment and i've only been there like 5 days and I've never been in hospital before either and the couple that had taken me to hospital were going to London that day so had to leave me on my own)

So I was kinda sat there on a hospital bed watching everything going on probably looking mildly bemused at the whole thing until i was taken into theatre about 11:30pm on wed night. Boyfriend and my mum had dropped everything and driven to come and see me but had to leave way before i went in.

So i've got a 3 inch scar on my tummy which twinges a fair bit, I was in hospital from Wed - Sat and am now to spend at least two weeks recovering. It hurts to sit in certain positions and bending or stretching generally just hurts. Coughing and sneezing and laughing twinge a fair bit too, but its not so bad I guess.

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