Wednesday, 29 August 2012

So this year has gone fast...

Wow those 3 months went by quickly! I've been so busy I don't know where to start! As always much of my 'real' work is still under wraps until its published but there is some pretty nifty stuff coming out later this year!

Summer LAN (Insomina 46) has been and gone (Sad times) and I had an awesome, awesome four days while I was there and while I didn't place in the costume competition I think i looked pretty epic and I got to wear real chain mail and take some advice on making armour from a guy that made the armour in the movies Gladiator and Braveheart which was cool (lesson 1: Always ask your mum if she knows any armourers. She might). So here are some of the 'making of' pictures annnd the final result as well as some random sketches and updates for your viewing pleasure.

Start of the bracers
Paper mached bits

 Outfit without armour

 Armour coming together.

 Eva modelling my Demon Hunter hood!

Oh yes, digging the red yes, pokemon tee, tiger onsey and demonhunter 

 And the finished article!

And now some arts

 Won a pint for this ^
 Shock horror a photo of me that I like! I must draw a dragon on it!

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