Thursday, 10 May 2012

I'm back!

From relative hiatus in that I've had a great deal of work to do plus two holidays so my updating time has been limited somewhat, but a few weddings aside I'm not going anywhere for several months. So in the main news, please check out the Colossal Cave Kickstarter Page. I'm doing all the art for the game and it is looking freaking awesome so far if I do say so myself. Also while you are in a link clicking mood do check out my facebook page which does tend to get slightly more regular updates.

And now for some art!

Mayhem Character Sheet

Aysel (top) Enoch and Mayhem

Me in a Toothless costume. I didn't win. D:

Sketches after visiting the Isle of Wight

Bigger version of the coloured sketch

Sketches while I was in the New Forest


Mayhem and her mate Vladimir

Vladimir is a scardy cat

I've doodled a lot of Hellhounds these past few months...

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