Monday, 26 March 2012

Bits and dogs

Been working on a lot of commission work over the past few months, its lovely to be busy but somehow the weather is lovely enough for shorts here in MARCH! This has not happened before so now its all nice all I want to do is go outside. I will have to find a laptop dohicky that stops the sun glare on it so I could work outside.

Anyway, a few little things - would you vote for my dog Eva in 'Britans next dog model' we get a years worth of food and she gets a professional photoshoot if we win. Here is the link (You need facebook I think)

Also I'm running Race for Life again this year in aid of Cancer Research as part of a team. All monies is for a good cause if you feel like sponsoring me and my team to run 5k. You can do that here - Race for Life

And last but not least a liiiiiiiiittttle bit of arts for your viewing pleasure ^^

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