Friday, 24 February 2012

Goodbye Sophie Cat

 We had to say goodbye to our rescue cat Sophie yesterday, she had acute kidney failure and there was nothing to be done but let her go and make sure she did not suffer any more as she hadn't eaten for a few days. I held her as she went to sleep at the vets. I miss her so much, I miss all the little things like -

*When you used to come in through the cat flap and run up the stairs and Meow a few times *When you got to the top of the stairs to tell us you were home.
*The silly way you used to come in the cat flap, batting it with your paw to make a racket first before you came in.
*How when we brought mums cat Squiz round once you simply glared at him and sent him running back into the pet carrier.

*When you would jump up onto out lap and head-butt our chins hard enough for it to hurt until we gave you fuss.
* Then lick our noses with your smelly breath!
*How you would stand up and rub against us to get the maximum amount of fuss whenever we petted you.
*How you would come to greet us when we came home and sit at the top of the stairs purring in anticipation.
*How you sneaked into the bedroom where you were not allowed and when we got up would you hot tail it out of there and sit in the hall trying to look innocent, but we know you had been in there because of the orange fur on the bed.

*How you would only drink out of the expensive Lakeland microwave pot, with fresh water every few hours of course.
*How you spazzed out in a fit of purrs when we gave you catnip.
*How you found the catnip packet one night and ripped it open over my PC tower so catnip went into the fan and down into the tower.
*The way you would hunt moving things under the rug, and the shock at finding out your claws went 'through' it.
We were more careful after that.

*When we came home from LAN and you were sat on the gate post waiting for us.
*How you laid claim to the throne of rage.
*When we had a BBQ and you would come out into the garden and supervise us in the making of fire.
*When you used to visit me in the bathroom and check I was ok.
*How we would find muddy paw prints in the bath and on the sofa.
*How you would come right on my knee after you had been out in the rain and dry yourself off.
*How you had tiny little pink paws.
*How you had a huge loo brush waggy tail.
*How you loved everyone that came in to the  house
*The way you were tiny and perfect.

*You were the first girl cat I'd owned.
*You were the first ginger cat I'd owned.
*You were the first cat that was mine (and smeshys)
*You were an antique kitten at 14 years old and it felt like you had been with us longer than 5 years.

I miss you Sophie cat.

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