Tuesday, 6 September 2011

tl;dr update post. I know you will just look at the pictures :p

So here is an update on just about everything, its been ages since my last post but I've been rather busy - mostly with commission work but also none related stuffs. Like going to the recent UK massive LAN event Insomnia43 (i43) which was held in Telford International Center and attended by over 2500 people that too their own pc (moi included) to play and drink and eat junk food for five glorious days. I didn't win anything but I had an awesome time. Met some new friends and played and watched some epic games of both TF2 and Starcraft2 all in all a great time was had. 

Our Greyhound x Saluki puppy is doing well, she is 6 months old now almost 2.5 stone or around 17 kilos at her last weigh in a week or so ago. Eva is currently making a mess on the rug with one of her chews, for some reason the designers of it thought it would be good to make an edible chew that breaks down into about a million tiny pieces that the dog then ignores completely.

But she seems to be having fun and its keeping her quiet, she hasn't had a lot of excersice recently because its been pouring it down here and she really doesnt like the rain and we havent got a proper coat for her yet because we dont know how big she is going to get though we think she will be around 30 kilos when she is finally finished growing but the jury is still out on how tall she will be. Her paws still look massive on her.

And now the arty stuff: Final image of the Dragon Lair picture, I ended up changing the dragon though I'm still not completely happy with it but I ran out of time and everything was getting overworked so I decided to let it be.

Character Exchange from Deviantart, was lots of fun to do this one.

Industrial landscape thumbs and creature concepts. Was trying to move away a little from the cuddly little mammals I normally do.

Cloud Forest Concepts:

Doodly sketches:

Based on a song called 'The Great Stack of Handa' by Moira Kerr which doesn't seem to exist *anywhere* on the internet. Not on youtube and I cant even find a site that has the lyrics.

However the song and the album have a special meaning for me as it was one of my late uncles favourites to listen to when we were going up to the Lakeland cottage and I remember the smell of the pine trees as we got closer and we would both be humming along to the cd. Well he lost his fight with lung cancer in april, and the cottage had been sold a few months previous to that. So this I guess is dedicated to him, I didn't mean it too look so like 'heavenly' just kinda came out that way.

tl;dr The song is about a small island on the north coast of Scotland that survives on bird eggs and fish and to stop predatory birds they get some men to climb across a rope to the 'stack' and destroy the nests of the predatory birds. Dedicated to Uncle that died of lung cancer in april who loved the Cd the song came from.

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