Thursday, 21 July 2011

21st of July 2011 (omg an update :o )

Firstly, just want to say THANKYOU to everyone that donated for my Race for Life sponsor, I raised over 3x my target - you can see the final total here I ended up walking the 5 kilometers in just over fifty minutes which was a little faster than I had intended but I ended up taking Eva with me.

This is Eva:

Eva was 3 months old when we did Race for Life and is a Greyhound/Saluki cross and despite being tiring she is lovely jubberly and I'm so pleased we got her. She had been to five homes before we got her as the original owners were going to throw her on the street if the rescue hadn't come in time. The next 3 homes fell through as well due to no fault of Eva's. But now she is settled and happy and while I love her being a puppy I can't wait for her to get all growed up so we can get her a coat (Greyhounds need coats because their fur is so short and they have very little body fat) So then I can get her a black or white one and draw Eve from Wall-e on it :D

Artwise I'm a little behind in my updates but its been a rather busy month or so and I don't have a great deal of personal stuff to show for it as i've been working with Eva and doing freelance work. But I finally finished my Demon Hunter picture :D

I also started working on a new job doing some stamps for a stamp collecting game which has been lots of fun so far you can see one of my work here

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