Tuesday, 14 June 2011

14th of June

Hi guys, Didnt mean it to be so long between updates but going on holiday for a week does tend to throw you off a little. I went to Turkey (a little town called Akbuk) to be more specific, though no one has put any photos up yet so I can't show you them. Yet.

Art wise I've done some stuff, nothing that isnt work that i'm particularly proud of, just trying to get back in the groove of things and with some other stuff thats going on its been kinda hard to concentrate completely on drawing and painting. Anyway I know you probably come here to look at the pictures so here are some:

More finished Espers :D

The man is by my friend The Logic Fairy, just wanted to see how big my Hell Hound was in comparison to him. The Hell Hound is only a tad bigger than the current largest dog Giant George the Great Dane who is around that height 43 inches I think.

and some pirate animals for a thing on CGHub that i never managed to finish

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