Monday, 2 May 2011

2nd of May 2011

So, new stuff -

Mermaid Drawing Jam! I based mine on a sea slug. Lots of nice entries though already here

Demon doodles, working on more interesting poses using a box to set them up -

Not quite up to my ususal standard, but over the Easter bank holiday I attended i42 which is a giant LAN party, for those of you who dont know what that is, over 1000 people take their computers to Newbury racecourse in Berkshire, and sit and play computer games and get somewhat drunk for five days. They have an exhibition and on the stands they run little competitions, well i couldn't say no to a drawing one could i? The result of my efforts is below -

I handed it in and went on my way, only for the owners of the stand to come up late that afternoon and announce i had won. I. Had. Won. O_o Then then handed me about £200 worth of computer hardware and went on their way. I was still like

Whaaaaaaaaat? by *Demonysh on deviantART

But never the less pleased and not as miffed that i didn't win in the raffle.

So then i needed to draw me riding on a Nightfury from How to train your dragon after listening to the soundtrack on repeat for several days. These things happen.

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