Saturday, 22 January 2011

Saturday 22nd January

Still working on freelance stuff (though i might have some stuff to show you in the next few days \o/ ) It's so exciting. Had an ok few days, felt a tad listless and unmotivated in some areas but kinda expected on rage week. TF2 night didn't go quite as planned as home server was down so missed the banter with the normal crowd and gave up pretty quickly and was in bed by 12:10am and then slept for 12 hours so i was obviously tired and that wasn't helping my mood. I'm feeling much better today.

Oh and I found my driving hat! I had lost it, it belonged to my dad and is a grey flat cap and I wear it for driving lessons and it seems to help. It had secreted itself in my backpack (which I had checked at least twice), maybe it just needed a break from being worn and after asking in two pubs and turning the flat upside down I took my laptop to my mums yesterday and there it was sitting in the bottom of my bag looking smug. Never the less I was glad I found it.

Only a little bit of art for you today because I've simply not had time to do anything else, its a concept of The Dead City:

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