Monday, 10 January 2011

Monday 10th Jan

Been doing a lot of commission work at the moment that I can't show you guys so that's why it seems things have slowed down somewhat. I am working though! Did a few little studies this morning of city-scapes and had a go at the skewed perspective thing, it went ok as an experiment. Struggling to get the perspective right + straight lines without using the pen/stroke tool method which is a little frustrating but hopefully it will come with more practice.

Need to re-do my timetable to include some yoga I think, loose some of the Christmas pounds think I might try and loose a stone by April or at least shed some inches around my waist which is the bit that really bothering me. I know I'm not *fat* but I dont like having what feels like a pot belly. Might weigh myself tomorrow and keep you posted (not that you care) but so I have a record and see what some regular exercise and smaller portion sizes does. That is if we don't get a dog soon, because walking that for 40 minutes a day will shed some weight off me!

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