Tuesday, 7 December 2010

RPG Portfolio

Including: Cover Art work :: Weapons :: Related Conceptart

You can contact me by email with any questions regarding commissions or prices - katy@kovah.co.uk

Cover Art: This cover art was done for KnightVision games who were kind enough to write this testimonial about me.

My brief for this image and accompanying sketch was this:

1. Unique demon-like creature on a altar, with one foot on top of a toppled statue.
2. There are phases of the moon drawn in blood on the walls
3. There is a mirror behind the creature (partially seen)
4. Dwarf is shooting a crossbow at it. (bottom left of artwork)

This is the sketch given to me by the client of the concept they had for the demon.

You can find my work in progress for this image here as the clients requested a quick walk through of how I created it. This is the final image that was put on the cover and has since been published

Miscellaneous Items: Here you can see examples of some concept weapons done in a slightly cartoony style. I've done several items for various companies but am unable to post them at the current time. I am however confident in my abilities to draw and paint most items.

Logos: I have done several logos for games companies you can find three examples here: KnightVision Games :: DGS Games :: Brightsword

I also did some Faction Icons for DGS Games, these were very interesting to do and they came out really well. You can find more information on the factions here

dungeon delve - coming soon

Creature Concepts: Creatures and Beasties are perhaps my favourite thing to draw, I am highly adept at conceptualising and translating them into believable creatures perfect to go in manuals or on covers both in colour and black and white. You can find some examples below. These first two images were done for the Creature Planets activity on CGHub

This is a concept of a personal character that has always been depicted in a cartoony style and I decided it was time to make her look a little more real.

Landscapes and Background Concepts:

Here are three examples of my background work, two images done for a local competition for a children's book and a concept of Lucifer's Throne Room.

You can contact me by email with any questions regarding commissions or prices - katy@kovah.co.uk

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