Sunday, 14 March 2010


Had a bit of a rubbish night last night, stomach really hurt. It was like a stabbing burning pain not where the scar is but about an inch below in the centre. It was horrible - the paracetamol didn't work for some reason or there was too much aching for it.

Am probably going to go to the doctors tomorrow apparently I need a sick note anyway but maybe they might be able to tell me what is hurting or give me some more pain killers that are for appendix type stuff as opposed to headaches and whatnot. I'm wondering if its because I've finished my anti-inflammatory drugs and something has swelled up a bit which is what is making the pain.

Spent most of my evening lying on the couch as it didnt hurt as much while i was lying down but that meant i didnt get any games played at all, just watched tv. We finally retuned it so we have channel 5 and sky 3 now so I could watch new roadwars \o/ Till Smesh (bf) watched Match of the Day. It was fairly satisfying to mock the footballers, their names and hair. Like...Arshavin or something = Arseface and I think it was the old Portsmouth manager looks like gravity has increased on his face.

Took my laptop to bed and watched some Big Bang Theory, I love that show, though probably wont be watching it before bed again because i ended up dreaming about it. Which while the dream wasn't bad it was significantly weird for me to not want to watch it again, though i suppose the lots of dreams is because i'm still not sleeping properly as i cant lie on my side yet.

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